For the 8th year, I rode in the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), a two-day, 192-mile bike ride across Massachusetts in support of cancer research.

The ride was really great – kind of hot towards the end on Saturday, but very nice on Sunday. Other than pain in my neck (which is how some of you describe me!), my ride was fairly uneventful. But, once again, the sight of nearly 6,000 riders, thousands of volunteers and thousands of folks on the side of the road wishing us well made it all worth it.

I ride for my mom, who has a hereditary form of cancer (Waldenstroms), and for everyone who suffers from this disease.

This year was the 36th Pan Mass Challenge and, if all goes well, the cumulative dollars raised by PMC riders will pass $500 million, all of which goes to the effort to fight cancer.

This year, I also rode for my mom’s younger sister, who passed away this May from cancer (Cancer sucks, by the way).

If you want to see why my Team rides – take a look at this video…it tells some good stories. It’s an awesome team of 50+ committed individuals who also help each other get to the finish line, and then celebrate!

Password: PMC

I ride to help Dana-Farber Cancer Institute find cures. This year, I can again speak personally on how the work of Dana-Farber helps as my mom has had this form of cancer for 11 years now.

In 2011, the drug that had helped her for the past three years did not work, at all. The doctors at Dana-Farber found an experimental drug in Europe, put her on a chemo trial for the new drug...and it worked! It is but one example of how our efforts are helping to combat this and all forms of cancer.

On August 1st and 2nd, my team (Team Forza-G) and nearly 6,000 cyclists from across the US (and beyond) rode the 35th annual Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC). Since 1980, the PMC has contributed more than $450 million for cancer care and research at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The PMC's 2014 donation of $43 million represents 100 percent of every dollar raised going towards this research and treatment.

In 2014, Team Forza-G was comprised of 53 riders and with your generous support raised an astounding $350,000.

-Steve Wendel '84 

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