Steve Saltzman Sigma Alpha Awards Presentation
Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Originating from The Levere Memorial Temple, Evanston, IL

On December 1, over 50 alumni and active Penn Theta brothers joined Christopher Hancock, Chief Executive Officer & Eminent Supreme Recorder, (Indiana Sigma ’96) and Gregory Brandt, Eminent Supreme Archon, (Iowa Delta ’84) in an awards ceremony via Zoom.  Richard Sawyer, (Penn Theta ’61) moderated.  The ceremony was held to present Brother Steve Saltzman (Penn Theta ’85) with three awards for his long-standing devotion and service to Penn Theta SAE, the Fraternity and Sorority system at University of Pennsylvania and the ideals and operation of fraternities throughout the U.S.

In opening comments, Brother ESR Hancock noted that “Brother Saltzman's commitment to the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Theta Chapter (1986-2020) will never be matched.  Saltzman has been actively involved with the Pennsylvania Theta chapter at the University of Pennsylvania for 34 years, serving as its Chapter Advisor and House Corporation President. He has also served as President of the Penn Theta Alumni Association from 2014-2020. Under Saltzman’s guidance, the chapter has become an exemplary organization on campus. He has been recognized twice by the University of Pennsylvania’s Interfraternity Council as the Advisor of the Year (Merv Sluizer Award) and is the only multi-year recipient of the award (2014 and 2020).”

The first presentation was by Samuel Fuchs, Eminent Archon, Penn Theta ’21 who presented the Order of the Lion Award.  The Order of the Lion recognizes outstanding commitment and loyalty to the Fraternity by an alumnus.  Brother Sam’s remarks included that “Brother Steve has been an involved and a dedicated advisor to the men of Penn Theta (both undergraduate students or alumnus) and provided hundreds of brothers with stability and leadership.   His dedication to Penn Theta is constant and unwavering throughout his 34 years, at the same time fraternities and sororities (between 12 and 15) either moved off campus or decertified.  He is recognized by University officials as an advocate not only for the Chapter's interest, but the interest of the University's Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life guiding principles.”

The second presentation was by Steven Sloan, Vice President, House Corporation, (Penn Theta ’77) who presented the Order of Minerva Award.  The Order of Minerva recognizes outstanding commitment and loyalty to the Fraternity by an alumnus over an extended period of time on various Fraternity levels.  Brother Sloan noted “the Order of Minerva requires at least 5 years of service to SAE, therefore, we should be presenting Brother Saltzman with 5 Awards for his extreme commitment and hard work on behalf of Penn Theta and SAE.  It is unlikely that anyone, past or future, will be able to match Brother Saltzman’s dedication to and work on behalf of Penn Theta.”  

The third presentation was by Gregory Brandt, Eminent Supreme Archon, Iowa Delta ’84 who presented the Merit Key Award.  The Merit Key recognizes an alumnus who has demonstrated significant service and loyalty to the Fraternity on combined levels for an extended period of time.  The nominee must have served ten years of sustained leadership in multiple positions (e.g. chapter adviser, alumni association officer, province officer and national committee member or Leadership School faculty.)  The recipient also must have made significant contribution on national, regional and local levels. In addition, he already should have received the Order of the Lion and Order of Minerva.  Brother ESA Brandt added “Steve has contributed numerous hours to the Chapter, using his personal funds when the situation dictated without thought for reimbursement.  He is always prepared to make an investment of his time, talent, tradition, and be the strong guiding presence.   His legacy will be that he truly is and will forever be the personification of "The True Gentleman".  He will be acknowledged as such by anyone who has had the privilege of interacting with Steve during his 34-year commitment to Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Penn Theta Chapter”.  

Steve Saltzman is the most recent recipient of the Merit Key, the second-highest recognition Sigma Alpha Epsilon can bestow on an alumnus.

In accepting these Awards, Brother Saltzman thanked all of the alumni members that had assisted him over the years.  He recounted the time 34 years ago when Brother Russ Heuer, the long-time Chapter Advisor, asked Brother Saltzman to temporarily take over his duties until an alumnus could be recruited for a longer-term commitment.  Little did he know that his temporary duties would last 34 years but he has cherished every moment and hopes that Penn Theta’s next 34 years are assisted by multiple alumni volunteers.

Brother Sawyer thanked Brothers Hancock and Brandt for the helpful support of SAE National in assisting in the qualification of Brother Saltzman’s deserving status and the logistics of the awards ceremony.  Brother Sawyer also thanked the many Penn Theta SAE alumni who joined in this presentation to Brother Saltzman.  Before ending the ceremony, Brother Saltzman led the attendees in the recitation of the “True Gentleman”.  


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