You already know the impact Greek life has—because you lived it. The term ‘social fraternity’ might give the impression that the Greek experience is superficial. But research shows that personal connections and friendships are the key to happiness.  

These lifelong relationships are only part of what makes the fraternity experience so transformational. From our career trajectories to our family’s values, our SAE experience played a key role. Our experiences helped make us into the people we are today.  

Here is an eBook of some of the best responses to recent a survey of Greek communities across the country. These quotes illustrate why Greek life is and will remain a key part of the higher education experience. Click HERE to read the eBook and keep reading to see what SAE members had to say. 

  • "The impact of Penn Theta set my path for interactions with others. The geographical and personality diversities of the brothers and the chapter focus on SAE values there gave me perspectives on addressing many issues which have been encountered since." - Chuck Bolton ‘61
  • "I treasured the time that I spent with my brothers during my undergraduate years at Penn and I am and will be forever grateful that they gave me a place where I felt welcome, appreciated, and supported. That really says it all for me. I hope that it continues to provide the same benefits and cherished memories to young men at Penn now." - Dalton Fine ‘87
  • "The fraternity was an important part of my experience at Penn. The SAE experience left with me with best friends for life. These are friends that I hold more dear than those made at other times in my life." - Nick Calotta ‘12
  • "Honestly, my favorite experience with SAE was the pledging process. I absolutely hated it at the time, but now I fully understand the meaning behind the colloquialism “it’s the best time you never want to have again”. The bonds I forged and the crazy antics we got into are some of the best memories and most hilarious stories I have." - Christian Gallopo ‘14 

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Mission and Creed

Our Creed: “The True Gentleman”

Our Mission: 

The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members based upon the ideals set forth by our Founders and as specifically enunciated in “The True Gentleman.”


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