On Friday 5/01/20 at 6pm ET the Classes of 1991 thru 1995 (plus a few older alums) held a Zoom Happy Hour.

A good time was had by all.

SAE alumni logged in from a variety of locations, including an estate in the Hamptons, California, Texas, and Cloud City (you Star Wars fans know where that is!)

Brothers participating:


Class of 1991

Jeff Tuckel

Rob Isaacs

Mike Feinberg

Gideon Alpert


Class of 1992

Evan Roth

Ethan Pines

Dave Ferrero

David Kaplan

Craig Neugeboren

Andrew “Bear” Hudson


Class of 1993

Jeff Rozic

Brett Barth

Ross Gerber

Jeff Lichtman

Cecil Gouke


Class of 1994

Adam Feldman

Sas Mehrara


Class of 1995

Frank Fehrenbach

Tom Murtaugh


The old guys

Jeff Karp 1988

Steve Saltzman 1985


Selected quotes:

“Pretty good turnout for 24-hours notice.”

“What else did we have to do?”


“We had the Five-Oh come by to shut down my 50th birthday party.”


“So, your daughter will be Penn Class of 2042?”


“Is that your ketubah behind you?”


“Remember how the weekly Brother meeting had to be over before the Simpsons came on?”


“As long as the stripper wears a mask, she’s CDC-compliant.”

On Thursday 5/07/20 at 6pm ET the Class of 1989 (plus a few older alums) held a Zoom Happy Hour.

SAE alumni logged in from a variety of locations and a good time was had by all.


Brothers participating:


Class of 1989

Jim “Lippy” Hyman ‘89

Lee Shavel ‘89

Tim Ballard ‘89

Mike Ault ‘89

Chris Viadro ‘89

Paul “Goose” Schuster ‘89

Al “Bebop” Falcione ‘89

Norm Brothers ‘89

Jim “Torch” Streicher ‘88

Rob Schmeltzer ‘89

Harry Fisher ‘89

Matt O’Connell ‘89


The old guys

Jeff Karp ‘88

Jan van Amerongen ‘87

Mike Eckels ‘87

Steve Saltzman ‘85

Jim “Torch” Streicher ‘88


Selected quotes:

“Just rent MORE office space to properly social distance.”

“MSNBC – what’s that!?”

“You can fly to Italy for $50!”

“Yeah, but only one-way.”


“Let’s say something good before he gets the door closed.”


“I work in internet security – any website that spells ‘Poker’ with four r’s is not a good security risk.”


“70% of my staff are dying to get back to the office.”

“I don’t think you should phrase it that way.”


“You’re missing a couple of ingredients to your Hearts game.”


“Good luck kidnapping me from here!”

“Is that a location or weight issue?”


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