Tom Peck '92, Paul Maurer '90, Paul Baker '90, Lance Jacobs '91, Jeff Karp '88. Harry "Dogger" Fisher '89, Mitch Warren '90, Brad Wieboldt '90Penn Theta alumni quaffing a few adult beverages at Smokey Joe's on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 after Penn beat Yale 69-61 at the Palestra
L-to-R: Tom Peck '92, Paul Maurer '90, Paul Baker '90, Lance Jacobs '91, Jeff Karp '88, Harry "Dogger" Fisher '89, Mitch Warren '90, Brad Wieboldt '90

No matter where you are in your life, what you are doing or who you are with, one thing remains constant day-in and day-out; We all have to eat. Food and drinks are essential human needs for every living person from every walk of life. Therefore, some of our best memories, most meaningful conversations and most important moments of our lives and friendships with SAE Brothers happened over dinner or drinks, sitting down face-to-face at one or our favorite spots in Philadelphia.

Restaurants and bars in college towns can act as refuges for students weary from academia, friends looking to blow off steam and groups of people meeting to discuss common goals. There is something about sharing food and drinks during these life moments, in a familiar and welcoming atmosphere that make these moments all-the-more memorable and important.

Friendship is not unlike sustenance in that it nourishes us. While we eat and drink to fuel our bodies, we maintain friendships to fuel our minds and hearts. It is no mystery as to why the two human needs; friendship and sustenance, pair so well together and why our memories of our time with SAE tend to center around our favorite bars and restaurants from our time in Philadelphia.

Think back to your college days as a Brother of SAE. Where did you and your fellow Brothers go when you wanted to get a drink? Where do you go to eat with your family when you come back to visit? Some of you most likely can remember drinks at Smoke's or Cavanaugh's (formerly known as Doc Watson's) or getting dinner after finals at New Deck Tavern. Maybe you met your spouse at one of these places. Every bar and restaurant has a million stories and we would like to hear your stories.

Click HERE to submit an update about a great memory or experience you had at your favorite Philadelphia bar or restaurant. Maybe even just rattle off your favorite places to frequent while you were an undergrad. These are the places that hold some of our dearest memories and while some of them may not exist anymore, it is important for all of us to make sure that they are remembered.

Penn Theta alumni pre-pre-gaming at New Deck Tavern before they head over to the SAE Chapter House to pre-game with the actives on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

L-to-R: Paul Maurer '90, Jeff Karp '88, Lance Jacobs '91, Christine Eckels, Mike Eckels '87, Brad Wieboldt '90, Paul Baker '90 and Kayleigh Wieboldt

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