Thanks to those Brothers who responded to our alumni updates survey! There’s still time to respond if you have yet to share: just click HERE to take the short survey. Read on to see what’s new with your Alumni Brothers, and to reminisce about some favorite Holiday Memories from your days with SAE.

Marc Dickstein 2006

What are your favorite Holiday Season memories with your brothers? - Secret Santa (during which gift-giving would be preceded by individual roasts of the recipient).

Are there any life or career updates you'd like to share with your alumni brothers in an upcoming e-letter or newsletter? - I've recently relocated to Philly with my husband after ten years in NYC and two in SF. I run my own leadership development and career coaching practice ( I work with a variety of corporate partners to help teams get the most from themselves during periods of heightened change, and I also work with experienced leaders 1x1 to help them realize their ideal blend of impact and happiness. The work boils down to helping people spend time in alignment with what they really care about, both personally and professionally. Unrelated, but I'm also the Co-Chair of PennGALA (Penn's LGBTQ alumni org), and a Co-Founder of Out in Tech, a national 501c3 non-profit that unites over 30,000 members of the LGBTQ tech community. Happy to discuss any of this further with anyone who's interested.

Would you like to be profiled in an article for an upcoming e-letter to your brothers? If so, please provide your email here and our alumni relations team will contact you. Otherwise, leave this field blank. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David Smith. 1968

Are there any life or career updates you'd like to share with your alumni brothers in an upcoming e-letter or newsletter? - Living in Nova Scotia in town of my paternal ancestors.

In a perfect world, if you could return to campus for one event in 2020 what would it be? - Homecoming cocktail party.


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