Last month we asked each of you who met your significant others through SAE Penn to share your love stories with the rest of us in honor of Valentine’s Day. Brother Chris Rinaldi ’84 nominated Brother Greg Herr ’86 to share his SAE love story with us and Brother Lloyd Swaim ’58 sent us his Penn Theta Chapter fairytale:

“I met Ann at a Christmas tree trimming party at the house in 1957. We have been married 57 years.

She remembers a couple of Penn Theta brothers singing Sweet Violets on her sorority lawn after she received my SAE pin.

The photo was taken in England last year when we were touring.”

-Lloyd Swaim ’58

“It was a Spring Fling gone right.

In the spring of 1982, Steve Wendel ’84 arranged for his sister Caroline Wendel, a high school senior, to come from Boston to Philadelphia to look at area colleges.

Why not time it so that she could bring her friend Stacey Flanagan, Steve’s girlfriend, and come down during Spring Fling? So, that was the plan, and Steve asked me to chaperone his little sister during the weekend.

Another brother was coming on to her when I stepped in and I broke a date with a Bryn Mawr girl to take Caroline to the big Spring Fling concert (the B-52s, this was 1982). Somehow in the middle of Spring Fling, we attended Sunday church services together, which was my only church service at Penn.

I never left her side, and have seldom left her side since. Caroline chose to attend Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts), dated me throughout college, became a Little Sister of Minerva and we have been happily married since 1988. That’s taking the chaperone role to heart!

The part of the story that my wife Caroline likes the best – on the morning of her return trip, Steve tried to brace Caroline for the expectation that our relationship wouldn’t last by sneaking out of the fraternity house to drive Caroline to the train station without me. On the ride he told her that things like that happen in college, and she’d probably never hear from me again. I saw the car leave, then dressed quickly and ran the mile and a half to 30th Street Station to say goodbye, complete with the movie scene of walking/running alongside the train as she waved out the window and the train pulled away.”

-Greg Herr ’86

If you didn’t share your SAE love story, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post it in the comment box below!

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